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Together we can end poverty, violence and injustice, at home and globally.

The time and money so generously given by members and supporters like you is crucial to the running of Mothers’ Union programmes that change over 750,000 lives each year.

We can’t do it without you!

Your support is vital to help illiterate people learn to read and write; help prisoners reconnect with their families to reduce their chances of reoffending; support marginalised women speak up for their rights; to help protect women and children who are affected by domestic violence; and much more…

In Cork, Cloyne and Ross members fundraise for both worldwide and local projects. Every three years we support the nationwide initiative called “Mums in May” (MIM). As the title suggests, initial fundraising was done in the month of May, but nowadays we fundraise at different times of the year. The proceeds are sent to our All Ireland fund; dioceses can apply for grants to support local projects. Locally we have been able to provide some furnishings for a Women’s Refuge in West Cork. We have also been able to keep in touch with our members, which has been especially important during the pandemic.

Our members have been very creative in the ways they raise funds. The “21 in 21” walks around the diocese raised almost €8,000.

A book of recipes was produced from members all around Ireland.

“Mum’s Marvellous Meals” is still available at €5 per copy.

All income from the recipe book will go to the ‘Mums in May’ Fund.